IP Litigation Law Firms


In order to protect or defend our client's hard-earned advantage or to implement new business strategies, we provide thoughtful, effective, and timely advice which is pragmatic and creative, and backed by experience. ZeusIP has a team of experts and qualified professionals and members providing assistance to clients not only for all kind of intellectual property and related matters but also in diverse fields. Some of the practice areas of ZeusIP are enlisted below-

IP Litigation:

ZeusIP litigates intellectual property matters both in India and throughout the world. We regularly litigate before the District Courts, High Courts as well as the Supreme Court of India. The firm has extensive experience in highly sensitive, complicated and contentious Trademark, Patent, Design and Copyright litigations including formulation of strategies which are customized to each case.

Customs and Border Enforcement

ZeusIP works with local law enforcement and Indian Customs Department to formulate comprehensive intellectual property enforcement programs at borders, ports, etc. involving interdiction of infringing and counterfeit imports/ exports. In this regard, ZeusIP team provides assistance to their clients in the following manner-

  • To register the client's intellectual property namely Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Design and Geographical Indication with the Indian Customs
  • To handles the proceedings at ports/ borders pertaining to suspension and interdiction of infringing and counterfeit products at the time of imports and exports,
  • To follow up and set up meeting with the local law enforcement bodies and Indian Customs Department to educate them about the IP rights of the client

To organize and conduct trainings of the Customs officers

Other Areas:

Starting as an IP litigation firm and having a track record of successful IPR litigation matters, ZeusIP has gradually diversified into other streams. Today, ZeusIP provides advisory to its clients, formulates strategy and assists for litigation before various courts and forums/ tribunals throughout India, such as-

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency
  • Consumer Disputes
  • Employment
  • Information Technology and Data Protection
  • Negotiable Instrument Act issues
  • Commercial Transactions and Contractual Issues
  • Media& Entertainment Law
  • E-commerce & Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Private Client Practice