About ZeusIP Advocates LLP

ZeusIP is a boutique law firm specializing in Intellectual Property laws in India and abroad. Equipped with our intellectual capital in the field of Intellectual Property rights, we are a one stop shop for all Intellectual Property matters. Every client is special and so are their needs.We adopt a creative approach towards dealing with every case to deliver the best possible solutions to suit our clients' needs. Represented by professionals specializing in diverse spheres of Intellectual Property Laws, every professional of ZeusIP works in a team structure to efficiently deliver services as per global quality standards.


ZeusIP is an assemblage of professionals who are thoroughly proficient in the various domains of Intellectual Property Rights. These professionals and people assisting the profession work in a synchronized manner to deliver the most cost and time efficient service to the clients. We, at ZeusIP work cohesively as one entity within the teams as well as intra office. Due to such wide scope of operations, the teams at ZeusIP have attained expertise and are fully competent to handle all intricate cases relating to all disciplines of Intellectual Property.

The professionals at ZeusIP come from diverse backgrounds that add a new dimension to the depth of expertise available. This includes Engineering graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology as well as Graduates in Physics, Chemistry, and Economics etc. The work force at ZeusIP consists of professionals from various reputed law colleges across India. Due to the diverse backgrounds and qualifications of the professionals who are a part of ZeusIP, the intellectual capital of ZeusIP is vast.

The strength of ZeusIP lies in its people. The firm is proud of the highly trained and proficient members that include the lawyers as well as the support staff who aid in the smooth functioning of the kegs of team ZeusIP.

Our work ethics are of the highest standard and we proactively aim to work towards the right deliverable. Our integrity and high standards are our strength. We function as a well bound unit where we respect each other and our product reflects the joy we attain out of our work.


From a three member team in a closet size office a few years ago, ZeusIP has proudly and successfully become a firm of repute in the Indian Intellectual Property scenario. Although a lot of ground has been covered since the inception of the firm, we know there is still a long way to go. By the year 2020, ZeusIP sees itself as the leader in Intellectual Property law in the South Asian region. It is our endeavor to be recognised by our clients for the high quality work we do.

But our aim is to be sought after not only by clients but lawyers and peers too, who believe that working for ZeusIP is a feather in their cap. When the brightest and most capable minds seek out our firm for employment it shall truly be our moment of reckoning and a testament to our success.

In the world of Intellectual Property, ZeusIP has carved a niche for itself that is unparalleled and irreplaceable in this industry. We hope to continue with this legacy and will make it bigger and better. We strive to be larger than life and wish to be the best Intellectual Property related firm in South East Asia.